Are people becoming technological zombies?

Today, the biggest question for the human race is, “Are people becoming technological zombies?” Facts depict that approximately 95% of the world’s population possesses a technological device/gadget. The reason behind such a drastic usage of technological gadgets is that we have forgotten the difference between convenience and need. The initial years of technological advancement were to make use of technology as a convenience. But, with the speedier advancement in various technological fields, necessity has gradually replaced the convenience factor.

Although there are many advantages of the technological era but the excessive usage has made people technological zombies. The gadgets have started controlling us and our lives. Earlier people used to move out and socialize. Now, there are so many social media applications that have created a virtual world around us. Due to these applications, people are always glued to their devices. Most of the time, be is day or night, people are anxious to know what is happening in the virtual world. They are so busy in this fake world that they miss upon so many priceless moments going on with real people in the real world.

It is an acceptable fact that the gadgets have brought us together irrespective of our geographical locations. But, the fact that it has also brought a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression amongst the society cannot be overlooked. There is always an eagerness or anxiety to check the gadget for latest notifications. This anxiety further fosters stress amongst the individuals. The ever increasing stressful lives lead to depression. The problem of depression has badly caught hold of our younger generations. The performance of students as well as young working professionals has drastically decreased.

Our world is sickened by the technological zombies. These zombies are not from some other world but are our reflections lost in this technological jungle. Although we are physically present with our near and dear ones but mentally we are disengaged from the current situation(s). The technological zombies have lost the human touch and are in complete control of the robots (gadgets).

Internet has also played the role of adding fuel to the fire. When people used to go out they used to click pictures of the natural surroundings and environment. But, now most of them are busy clicking selfies. This is a clear indication of ever-increasing loneliness and a solitude life. Moreover, people need approval of others in the form of likes and posts to know whether they look good or not. There is a constant race for perfection and being accepted by the virtual social world.

We as technological zombies have not only become lazy but also unhealthy. Children in particular are losing interest in the physical activities and are seen playing virtual games. They do not have the patience and stamina to go out for outdoor games. They are always seen at home and are inviting many life-style diseases like diabetes and cancer. It is high time to ask ourselves a question, “Whether we want to join the race of ever-increasing technological zombies or sincerely wish to have a healthy body, an intelligent mind, and a compassionate attitude?”